University of Lorraine

SCORE team (joint team with Inria, University of Lorraine)

  • Claudia-Lavinia Ignat, Permanent Researcher (www)
  • Gérald Oster, Assistant Professor, Project coordinator (www)
  • Pascal Urso, Assistant Professor (www)
  • Stéphane Martin, PostDoc (www)
  • Hyun-Hul Roh, PostDoc
  • Hien Thi Thu Truong, PhD Student (www)
  • Luc André, PhD Student
  • Mehdi Ahmed Nacer, PhD Student


CASSIS project-team (joint team with University of Lorraine)

  • Michaël Rusinowitch, Permanent Researcher (www)
  • Abdessamad Imine, Assistant Professor (www)
  • Asma Berregba, PhD Student
  • Thien Bao, PhD Student

REGAL project-team (joint team with LIP6)

  • Marc Shapiro, Permanent Researcher (www)
  • Annette Bieniusa, PostDoc (www)
  • Marek Zawirski, PhD Student
  • Ikram Chabbouh, Research Engineer

University of Rennes 1

ASAP team (joint team with Inria, INSA and CNRS)

  • Achour Mostefaoui, Assistant Professor (www)
  • Michel Raynal, Professor (www)
  • Stéphane Weiss, PostDoc (www)


  • Fabio Mancinelli

University of Nantes

GDD team

  • Pascal Molli, Professor (www)