The STREAMS project in brief

The STREAMS project is a 3-years research project taking place between 2010-2013, founded by French National Agency for Research (ANR), program ARPEGE.

Participants in the project include:

  • ASAP project-team (University of Rennes 1 / Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique)
  • CASSIS project-team (Inria Nancy - Grand Est / University of Lorraine),
  • GDD team (University of Nantes)
  • REGAL project-team (Inria Paris - Rocquencourt / LIP6)
  • SCORE team (University of Lorraine / Inria Nancy - Grand Est),
  • XWiki SAS company.

The project coordinator is Gérald Oster from University of Lorraine / LORIA / Inria Nancy Grand Est.

Introduction to the project

STREAMS project proposes to design peer-to-peer solutions that offer underlying services required by real-time social web applications and that eliminate the disadvantages of centralised architectures. These solutions are meant to replace a central authority-based collaboration with a distributed collaboration that offers support for decentralisation of services.

STREAMS project aims to advance the state of the art on peer-to-peer networks for social and real-time applications. Scalability is generally considered as an inherent characteristic of peer-to-peer systems. It is traditionally achieved using replication technics. Unfortunately, the current state of the art in peer-to-peer networks does not address replication of continuously updated content due to real-time user changes. Moreover, there exists a tension between sharing data with friends in a social network deployed in an open peer-to-peer network and ensuring privacy. One of the most challenging issues in social applications is how to balance collaboration with access control to shared objects. Interaction is aimed at making shared objects available to all who need them, whereas access control seeks to ensure this availability only to users with proper authorisation. STREAMS project aims at providing theoretical solutions to these challenges as well as practical experimentations.

For further information, please see the project proposal. The project reference number is ANR-10-SEGI-010.

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