November 22-23th, 2012


L.I.N.A. (Nantes)
2 Chemin de la Houssinière
44300 Nantes

Meeting will take place in Rooms 3 and 105


Instructions on how to come to LINA


SCORE: Stéphane Martin, Gérald Oster, Pascal Urso
REGAL: Marc Shapiro, Marek Zawirski, Masha Najafzadeh
CASSIS: Hoang Bao Thien
ASAP: Achour Mostefaoui
XWiki SAS: Fabio Mancinelli (video)
GDD: Luis Ibanez, Pascal Molli, Brice Nedelec, Hala Skaf-Molli
NOVA: Nuno Preguica, Valter Balegas, David Navalho, Sérgio Duarte
Collaborators: Annette Bieniusa, Carlos Baquero, Bouajjani Ahmed, Fabio Picconi
Invited people: Alexey Gotsman, Russel Brown


Day One - Morning

Semantics of eventual consistency

Presenter: Alexey Gotsman Documents: PDF

SwiftCloud : It's Time to Move the Data to the Edge

Presenter: Annette Bieniusa / Nuno Preguica Documents: PDF

CRDT transactions in a scalable way with SwiftCloud

Presenter: Marek Zawirski Documents: PDF

SwiftFS: A CRDT file system

Presenter: Annette Bieniusa / Stéphane Martin Documents: PDF

Day One - Afternoon

Making Geo-Replicated Systems Fas as Possible, Consistent when Necessary

Presenter: Nuno Preguica Documents: PDF

Limitations of SwiftCloud

Presenter: Valter Balegas, David Navalho Documents: PDF

Titan: CRDT-based computations for Participatory Sensing applications

Presenter: David Navalho Documents: PDF

Performance evaluation of CRDTs algorithms for document editing

Presenter: Pascal Urso Documents: PDF

Day Two - Morning

Support for CRDTs on riak_core

Presenter: Russell Brown Documents: PDF

Quasi-Causal Delivery

Presenter: Achour Mostefaoui Documents: PDF Δ

CF-seq: a Context-Free and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Type for sequences

Presenter: Brice Nedelec Documents: PDF Δ

Live Linked Data

Presenter: Luis Ibanez Documents: PDF

Composition and Fragmenting of CRDTs

Presenter: Carlos Baquero Documents: PDF

Day Two - Afternoon

Programming CRDTs on SwiftCloud

Presenter: Marek Zawirski Documents: PDF

Designing new CRDT types using layers

Presenter: Stéphane Martin Documents: PDF